The Birth of the Hourglass: A Dive into Coventry City's Iconic Admiral Kit

Within the rich history of football, certain shirts stand out for their design. In 1975 one of these icons of the game was born with the release of the Admiral Coventry City kit, marking the inception of what would later be known as the hourglass collection.


Coventry City Admiral Kit - Terry Yorath


The Admiral Coventry City kit of 1975 was more than just another jersey; it was a pioneer in football shirt design. With its bold 'tramlines' adorning the front, this sky blue home shirt revolutionised the landscape of football attire. Prior to this era, innovation in design was limited to variations in collar and cuff colour, however, Admiral broke these constraints by introducing extra panels to the front of the kit, enabling the brand’s designers to incorporate additional colours. These vibrant stripes seamlessly flowed into the shorts, resulting in a design that commanded attention on the pitch.


Coventry City 1979-80 Admiral kit vs Norwich


This iconic kit was worn from 1975 until 1981, an era in which the side were competing in the top division of English football. Over the six year period the shirt went through a few different evolutions, with the addition of front numbers in 1977 and again in 1980, followed by the club's first-ever sponsor in the 1980-81 season.


Coventry City Chocolate Brown kit by Admiral


Alongside the classic sky blue, there were three distinct change shirts: red, yellow, and perhaps most famously, the chocolate brown kit. The introduction of the brown kit sparked division among fans, with opinions polarised between it being the best or worst Coventry shirt ever seen. A debate that still rages on.

In 1975, this iconic kit was the first replica Coventry City shirt available to the public. Now, in 2024, Admiral, in collaboration with Coventry and Score Draw, has embarked on a journey to recreate this classic kit in its truest form, staying faithful to the original design.

Whether you're a fan of the boldness of the hourglass Coventry City shirts, there's no denying the impact of these iconic kits on the beautiful game.


Coventry City 1975-81 Retro Home ShirtCoventry City 1975-81 Retro Home Shirt
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