Azul y Oro: The Story Of Boca Juniors' Kit Colours

Azul y Oro. Blue and Gold. A combination of colours which are synonymous with one of Argentina’s greatest football clubs, Boca Juniors. The history of this iconic kit is a story of chance which is intimately tied to the historic Buenos Aires port. We honour this history with our new Warren long sleeved t-shirt in Midnight Navy and Golden Ochre.

Admiral Boca Juniors Warren Long Sleeved T-Shirt

The inception of Boca Juniors traces its roots back to the early 1900s, a time when a group of teenagers, predominantly of Italian lineage, embarked on the ambitious journey to establish a football club in the working-class neighbourhood of La Boca. This region had been a haven for immigrants from Genoa, Italy, during the 19th century, and the cultural imprint of this migration soon found its way into Argentinian football through the foundation of a new club, Boca Juniors.

There is uncertainty surrounding the club's original kit colours, yet one fact remains abundantly clear - they did not bear the familiar blue and yellow hues we see today. The club's official records state that Boca Juniors' maiden kit featured a white main body, adorned with thin black vertical stripes, whilst other sources suggest the use of pink. Over the next few years, the club grappled with a lack of consistency in their primary colours, jumping between light blue and a return to white and black pinstripes for the subsequent season. The main issue arising from these colours were the frequent clashes with opposing teams' kits.

Boca Juniors wearing the Blue and Yellow kit in 1934, Buenos Aires

The pivotal year for the Boca kit was 1906, a year that saw Boca Juniors engaged in a high-stakes playoff match against Nottingham de Almagro, a rival team who had a strikingly similar home kit. The victor of this showdown would retain the rights to their kit design. In a stroke of misfortune, or fortune, Boca found themselves on the losing end of this contest. With this setback, the club confronted a conundrum - the urgent need to seek a fresh palette for their club. Destiny, it seemed, would intervene as they cast their gaze toward the storied Port of Buenos Aires for inspiration.

La Boca, the very birthplace of the team, thrived as a bustling maritime hub, and it was decided that the new colours of the club's kit would be drawn from the first vessel to grace the harbour. In an act of fate, the Swedish vessel, known as the Drottning Sophia, emerged with the distinctive colours of the Sweden flag raised. It was decided at this moment that the club’s colours would be blue and yellow or blue and gold.

Boca Juniors Team, in the blue and yellow kit 1964

The initial iteration of the Boca Juniors kit featured a striking yellow diagonal sash set against a blue main body. This design would undergo evolution over the next year, eventually culminating in the enduring horizontal yellow stripe that has come to epitomise Boca Juniors' identity.

Azul y Oro, this harmonious fusion of blue and gold, transcends mere colours; it encapsulates the very essence, history, and maritime legacy of La Boca and the vibrant metropolis of Buenos Aires. It stands as a testament to the rich mosaic of immigration and sport that converged to create a symbol of Argentine football.

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